Ferraiolo Construction Inc.

207-594-9840  207-594-5161 

      262 Pleasant Street

   Rockland, Maine  04841


Rockland Concrete Batch Plant Products:


Ready Mixed Concrete

Flowable Fill



A multitude of additives to meet your needs.

Conveyor Trucks in Fleet.

All Ready mixed dispatching and questions handled by

Phil Barrett , Concrete Manager.  207-594-5161 ext 1.

Cel# 207-629-8563 



Rockland Stockyard 7 a.m to 4:00 p.m.


Crushed Limestone / Washed:

1/2” straight $16.00/yard

3/8” blend $17.00/yard (Out Of Stock)

3/4” straight $16.00/yard

3/4” blend $17.00/yard

7/8” straight, 1 1/2” straight  $17.00/yard(Out Of Stock)

Rip Rap / Road Base 6”-10” $14.00/yard(Out Of Stock)

Stone Dust / Crusher Dust  $5.00/yd


3/8” Brown Pea Stone $35.00/yard


Crushed Limestone Gravel:

1” minus (type A) $16.00/yard

1 1/2” minus (type B) $16.00/yard

3” minus (type D)  $16.00/yard


4” Crushed Concrete Gravel $10.00(Out Of Stock)



Concrete Sand $25.00/yard

Dead Sand $15.00/yard


Other Products:

Screen Contractor Loam $35.00/yard

General Fill $5.00/yard

Reclaimed Asphalt $40.00/yard (In stock!)

Erosion Control $10.00/yard


Precast Concrete Products:

2’x2’x6’ full blocks $35.00 each

2’x2’x3’ half blocks $35.00 each

Thrust Blocks $50.00 each


All prices are F.O.B. or Picked Up at yard.


Delivery is available for all products for an additional charge.


Delivery rates vary depending on load amount and distance

from the stockyard.


Inventory subject to change.


All yard sales and deliveries handled by Brian Pooler,

Repair Manager / Aggregate Sales / Trucking Manager.

207-594-9840 ext.2 

Cel# 207-975-1196




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